The Art of Emptiness


I saw a retweet by someone I follow on Twitter: “RIP Jesus? Since when do we mourn on the anniversary of the death of fictional characters.”

This really upsets me. I, like a lot of people, believe in Jesus. So seeing stuff like that irritates me as these people are supposedly all about the…

You make a good point. There is after all a huge difference between “jesus was real” and “god is real”.

In my opinion we can’t even strictly say that god doesn’t exist. Hence why I’m an agnostic. Science can explain all the way back to the big bang, but still no one has any idea where all that matter came from in the first place. As long as someone isn’t trying to push their beliefs down my throat and they carry themselves as decent human beings I really don’t care what they believe.

Louis C.K. hates Twitter and thinks it will taint the second coming of jesus