The Art of Emptiness
Anytime you beg another man to set you free, you will never be free. Freedom is something that you have to do for yourself.
Malcolm X

I had a really long debate with a co-worker yesterday about piracy. I fully admitted he was right, I am breaking the law, but he also admitted that since the laws are now created by the lobbyists, it’s not really laws for the people. Politicians freely admit they know nothing about the laws being passed. Big business treats their customers like criminals and then wonder why people continue to rebel. It’s human nature to refuse to be controlled. I spend money on house music, because DJs put out sets for free, to get the music out there, so you can enjoy it and buy it. I don’t care that I have to pay $1.50 or $2.50 for a track instead of 99 cents. What’s a couple of dollars for hours of enjoyment? The “Industry” forgot how music started. You listened to it first. You didn’t get it crammed down your throat by radio and tv. Those DJs don’t deserve the title anymore, they’re just a different form of lobbying, it’s still just about the dollar. I don’t think that’s the true definition of capitalism. The very fact there is an RIAA means they are no longer competing for your money, they are simply taking it. Profits go up and up and up, for the executives, not the artists, but still piracy is the problem? That’s why Trent Reznor made so much giving his album away for free. Radiohead? If the power, if the decision making, is no longer in the hands of the people, it’s not a free market. At that point the only sane decision, although technically wrong, is anarchy. Which isn’t that radical, it’s just ignoring authority. Directed at a single target, anarchy is the tea party… the original tea party. I’m not even American but I totally love the original ideals of the men who created a new country with the belief that a government that does nothing for the people deserves nothing from the people. Big business is the government now. America became its parents. This is becoming a rant. My point was that I’m happy to pay money, often times more than requested, to artists that give me the choice. People like choice. They like the idea of free will. It’s not about stealing, it’s not that stealing is easier, that’s such a narrow minded view of humanity. If you treat people with respect, if you trust them and give them responsibility, they will surprise you again and again with their charity and good will. You treat people like the enemy, and you deserve to be destroyed.

Michael Woods Essential Mix 2011-10-12

If you in here just to stand around, then you in the wrong damn place. It’s time to put down your watered down ass drinks, and hit the dance floor, you hear? This is house music, this is what we fuckin’ do. So if you ain’t in here to get your house on, I advise you to get the fuck out.

I’m tired of coming to a house party and people just standin’ around like it’s a fuckin’ fashion show. I’m tired of other dj’s talkin’ about dj’s, like they’re the greatest thing to touch a pair of twelve-hundreds. This is not rap music, children, we do not beef, house music is about love, freedom, and expression. To be one and who we are. So if you’re here to spread love, unity, and devotion…


I fucking love great intros

I can’t focus today. All I want to do is go have fun. I’m not sure what that entails, I just know that I’m full of energy and that I suddenly want to do all the things I haven’t done before. It’s a weird mix of absolute terror and total freedom. Sucks I still live in the real world, with a real job, and real bills. But that’s just an excuse at the same time. So I have to suck it up right now, for the next 5 or so hours, but I can’t let that get me down. Life is about compromise, and focusing on the positive, even if the negatives are piled up deep.